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You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is now. Now it’s time to start working smarter. Gain more leads and more traction in a shorter time than ever before with our proven SEO expertise.

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A great organic SEO strategy can dramatically increase your lead generation, conversion rate and other metrics while reducing the cost of customer acquisition. Search engines, like Google, reward those who play by their rules — and at Mediaworks, we speak Google.

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the right people.

Quality SEO doesn’t cast a giant net in hopes the right people might be inside — it laser-focuses on only the right people. Get seen by only the people relevant to your business, and give a boost to your sales and conversions in the process.

Your avenue to long-term success.

SEO is a key component of a long-term digital marketing success strategy. It builds the foundations of a robust online presence, one that potential clientele can find quickly and easily, and one that search engines acknowledge and respect.

Our SEO Approach

At Mediaworks, our SEO strategy consists of a multi-channel plan of action that’s tailor-made for you, while leveraging all the latest SEO technologies and methodologies. We apply the latest science and proven techniques, and provide full transparency and regular updates in the process.

The backbone of a good SEO profile is a well-optimized website. Whether yours is a Mediaworks website, a site built by another agency, or a site you crafted yourself, our SEO experts can give your site the search engine boost it needs.

  • Rank for what you want, and leave out the rest. We know how to target only the keywords (the actual words people type into Google to find you or your business) you want to appear for.
  • Appear toward the top for many different searches. Does your business offer many different services? Rank highly in searches for each of those services with the help of our per-page optimizations.
  • Google has high standards. We’ll help you meet them. Did you know that pages with links, images and a certain word count are more likely to appear toward the top of Google? We can help get your site and it’s content in-shape and more attractive to Google’s robots.

As a Colorado-centric company, we’re longtime experts at getting results for Colorado businesses. We have the secrets to getting your business to rank in searches made in your area, no matter where you’re located.

  • Eliminate inconsistencies in your business’s key info. In the eyes of Google and other search engines, “123 Main Street” and “123 Main St.” are two completely different addresses with no correlation whatsoever. Simple and very easy-to-miss inconsistencies, like abbreviating Street as St. on Yelp but not doing so on Facebook, will hurt your ability to be seen effectively. We’ll sweep every notable directory on the Web, big and small, to wipe out any and all inconsistencies in how your info is displayed and people find you.
  • Google will serve up your most vital info, right away. When someone Googles your business, you’d be forgiven for assuming they’d immediately click on your website. Instead, a sizable percentage will look to your Google My Business profile for your phone number, address, reviews, and more. Your Google My Business profile is the “info box” that appears next to your search results, and we’ll make sure it’s doing all that you need it to do.

Search engines love two things more than anything else: an active, constantly-updated site, and a strong set of links that point back to your site (known as backlinks).

  • Improve your rankings with new and informative content. With a ‘Blog’ or ‘Articles’ page on your site, you’ll enjoy consistent new content without ever having to write anything yourself. Our experienced, in-house writers can write SEO-optimized content for just about anything, no matter how technical or complicated — and that’s a promise! Alternatively, we can revitalize other pages on your site that may be lacking in Google-friendly content, so that those pages get a significant boost in search rankings. This is a great option for pages that describe your services, what you sell or offer, etc.
  • Make your site more authoritative and trustworthy in the eyes of search engines. A key metric that Google and other search engines use to gauge how important and noteworthy a website is is something called “domain authority.” Domain authority is obtained in large part when other, more prominent and authoritative sites point back at yours via backlinks — and our large network of authoritative sites will help give yours a big boost in domain authority.

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