Social Media

Social Media

To call social media “popular” would be an understatement, to say the least. It’s used by billions worldwide plus hundreds of thousands in your area — and it’s an integral part of any modern marketing strategy.

We’ll help you leverage the
world’s largest audience for real results.

Grow and connect with your audience.

Followers, likes, shares, reacts — there’s not a business in the world that wouldn’t like more of these. But getting the initial social following can be a tricky thing, and we’re here to help. We’ll find your audience and get them through the door for you.

Make sense of an esoteric platform.

We’ll deliver real, easily-digestible figures that will help you understand your social media presence. From monthly statistics to content strategy, Mediaworks will help demystify the infamously confusing world of social media.

More conversions and more eyes on you.

Social media serves as a powerful space to not only engage your current customers, but also present new people with your brand and services. Social ads can result in conversions and/or an ever-increasing audience size.

What are your social media needs?

Meta Marketing
(Facebook & Instagram)

In the US, Facebook and Instagram represent the vast majority of social media traffic these days, both of which are operated by their parent company Meta. We’re experts in growing, managing, and leveraging audiences on both of these platforms.


LinkedIn is the #1 place people go to connect professionally, find jobs, conduct B2B interactions, and much more. If your business is B2B-focused, or you want to tap into a large and professionally-oriented user base, LinkedIn marketing may be for you.

Post Creation &
Content Creation

Engaging your audience is key, but doing so can be challenging and time consuming. We can create and post content that’s tailor-made for your business or industry complete with custom assets — all without you having to lift a finger.


Consistency and brand perceptions are two critical, yet seldom-acknowledged aspects of a successful social presence. We’ll ensure your brand looks great and consistent across all channels, and help keep your brand’s image at the top of its game.

Social Media
Paid Advertising

Facebook ads, Instagram ads and the like are some of the most performant kinds of ads out there. With strong ads and laser-accurate targeting, we’ll build up a robust paid advertising campaign on any social platform of your choice.

Social Media

Get a lot of messages to your Facebook page, but don’t have the time to respond to them all? Weighed down by spam or undue negative comments? We’ll be your watchful eye in the social media world, and take the everyday hassles of running your accounts off your hands.

Ready to move forward?

Turn heads like never before with a strong social media presence