Have you ever felt like you’re in the Wizard of Oz? Spun up by a tornado, and dropped without a semblance of where you are or where you should go? There’s a ton of scenarios that put us in this position when small businesses get into the world of Google Ads. So many different things to keep track of, so many people, companies, sales reps, family members and friends telling us to do 100 different things, and promising you’ll be the next Apple, Uber, Home Depot, etc.

We, at MediaWorks, want to put a stop to this head spinning. We’ve talked at length about web design, development tactics, web functionality, and SEO. Now we want to give you a guide on paid digital ads, specifically Google Ads. There’s a ton of different ways to pay for ads online, but Google is still the enormous elephant in the room.

Your business isn’t a multi-billion-dollar international industry leader, so there’s no way it makes sense to actually pay for ads, right? Ehh…you’re probably leaving a ton of money, traffic, and market share on the table if that’s your mindset. Granted, SEM isn’t for everyone. There are scenarios where it absolutely makes sense to invest money in other places, but hear me out. These might not apply to you, but here’s four reasons you should reconsider:

Google Ads are accessible

Most brands hesitate to pull the trigger on SEM because they think the costs might outweigh the benefits. But the costs don’t have to be as high as you think they do. In fact, with the average keyword bid (across industries) just under $2.00, it can be pretty affordable. Not only that, but you can set your budget as low as $5.00. There’s also hard ceilings on monthly budgets, so if you’ve got $100 in your marketing budget, you can make it impossible for it to cost you more than that. So with a low barrier to entry, and control on your side, it can be easier to get started than you believe.

They generate quick results

Unlike other forms of online marketing such as SEO that takes longer to deliver increased traffic, SEM can provide immediate results.  It will take you one business day to create and launch an ad. And after that, you can literally watch as traffic to your site increases. You’ll generate as much traffic as your budget allows, and is only limited by the amount of searches for the keywords you’ve bid on.

Google Ads are Consistent

Here’s the thing about business…it’s nice when you know what’s going on. It allows you to plan, to properly allocate resources, and have the freedom to invest in your business when you know that everything else is taken care of. The great thing about Google Ads is it allows for consistency on two fronts: one, your ad budget is set, and you know you won’t overspend, and two, it allows for consistent traffic and (depending on industry and product/service) predictable revenue. Sure, there will still be fluctuation, but it allows you to tap a market/audience that you didn’t have before. One that will be there as long as your ads are running.

They bring you lots of qualified leads

If there’s one thing we hear all the time, it’s: who even clicks on ads? I know I don’t…

This is where you’re wrong. In fact, the vast majority of search engine users are wrong. Most users can’t even tell the difference between paid and organic results. And, even when they can, the motivated buyers actually prefer paid results. A recent study found that when someone is ready to purchase a product or service, they’ll click on ads at a pretty decisive 2:1 clip over organic results. So what does that mean for you? It means when you run your ad campaign, (when properly targeted) the leads you get are 4 times more likely to convert, and spend nearly twice as much. Those are the results we see every day with our client’s paid ads.

Final Verdict

I want to preface this by saying that SEM is not the end-all-be-all of digital marketing. But is SEM right for you? Probably. What I can say with certainty, is that it is a pivotal piece in the digital marketing puzzle. Even if you’re a company with multi-million dollar products with a 24-month sales cycle, paid ads add to the funnel. It gives fuel to the fire while an SEO campaign is ramping up. It allows you to precisely target demographics, geographic areas, time-of-day ranges, device types, and very specific keyword phrases that other forms of marketing can’t.

But most importantly, it gives you control and measurability where a lot of other campaigns can’t. You can see, in real time, what works and what doesn’t. It lets you put a finger on the pulse of your audience, and hone in on (and assist with) the path to growth for your company.

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