The biggest benefit of a strong web presence.

The most important reason you need a powerful web presence…

If there is only one reason…this is it:

Everyone has a list of reasons why they need an updated, improved or even a new website.

The real reason though is pretty simple and the list is short:

Lead Generating ImageTo make more money! 

I know that’s a bit blunt for some, but rather than share all of the soft benefits of one of the most powerful digital marketing tools there is, let’s focus on the bottom line: you can do more business with more clients, often at a higher price point, if your online presence is robust and dynamic. Rarely does any organization hire a company without checking out their website: examining case studies, looking at success credentials, exploring service/product offerings, checking out the profile of the principals of the company and even examining online profiles such as LinkedIn.

If all that passes muster, they will consider contacting your company, either through email, through a “Contact Us” page or even by telephone.

But it always starts with that first impression you make, and that impression is made by your website.

There are many other reasons to have a dynamic professional website (no …) like added credibility among potential clients, (and even potential employees!), to conduct business (ecommerce), and to share your core values as a company in a thoughtful (and hopefully entertaining or interesting) way.

However, maybe more importantly, you can track your visitors…you know who is checking your website, how they found it, how long they stayed on the site and which pages had the most interest.

Goals ImageIn addition to prospective customers or clients, potential investors in your business such as banks, credit unions, and industry investors will view your website. If you look like a tiny business, you get a tiny credit line…but if you look like a big, well organized and professionally run business, you get a big credit line.

Plus…developing a professionally designed website, with a modest level of functionality is NOT expensive…you can build one for as little as $5,000!

Compare that to other communications investments you might consider such as signage outside your business, listing in directories, salespersons’ commission, lead generation services or any of the other ways you try to get business.

A professional, dynamic website pays for itself many times over. Small businesses have to compete with much larger companies that are getting larger each day… making it harder and harder to compete.

A powerful digital presence permits even a small company to compete against ANY sized company… but only modern and brave small companies will step into that breach

Take the plunge…be one of those companies!