PPC Campaigns are Measureable

Not only can you look forward with keyword research and reach estimates to see what kinds of traffic you can expect, you can look back and analyze in as much detail as you want, what the performance has been

Ad Performance is Easy to Analyze

You always know exactly what you’re getting with each campaign, including how much each click costs, how much traffic each ad is pushing to you, and even the number of conversions based on result actions that you define

Campaigns are Fully Customized

We can help you customize each campaign on a microscopic level, ensuring what you’re getting is only relevant traffic. No need to worry about wasting budget on keywords and audiences that don’t add to your bottom line

Our Approach

PPC is one of the quickest and most manageable ways to gain traction in search marketing. Digital success revolves around having a clear direction and a strategy that is totally customized to your business, your competitive environment and your industry. Let us help get you there.

Pay-per-click advertising has a bad rap among small business owners. So many people “try” paid ads, decide it doesn’t work, and then tell their friends it doesn’t work. But here’s the problem with that: it does.

Study after study proves that a well-targeted, closely-monitored ad campaign brings an average return of 4-8x investment. But here’s the big problem…who has time to manage that?


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At MediaWorks, we treat every marketing dollar as if it’s coming out of our own pocket. We will never burn through a large portion of budget only to sit back and take a wait-and-see approach. We are extremely measured and deliberate with each of our client's advertising dollars and will spend hours understanding how bids, audiences, and demographic targeting impact CPCs and conversion rates.

PPC management is not a set it and forget it tactic. Ongoing management is key and we’re always looking for ways to fine tune bids, keywords, ad groups and other campaign elements. We also share landing page optimization opportunities. Essentially, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to improve your ROI, eliminating waste and searching for new opportunities.

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With MediaWorks' PPC campaign-management services, we analyze your goals, your place in the market and industry, your competition, and your cost, and determine the best way to proceed. It’s not always about spending the most to get to the top spot, it’s more about fine-tuning performance and maximizing conversions so that you have the best possible chance to take each click and turn it into a paying customer.