Why Websites Are A Key Tool to Non-Profit Organizational Success

Gone are the days of mailers and calls as a primary way to get noticed.

In 2018, Millennials spent between 4-6 hours per week on social media platforms*. Nearly 80% of Americans own smartphones** that allows them to access to browse the web, check email and social media, while getting bombarded with advertisements.

Today, non-profits need to invest in a dynamic website designed to help them meet their goals, along with a digital marketing strategy to get their message heard. The most innovative non-profits understand that investing time and money into amplifying their digital presence wins them support and furthers their mission.

Executing an online marketing strategy is not only more effective in collecting donations and engaging new and old donors – it is also more affordable than relying on traditional advertising campaigns and less time-consuming.

Nuts and Bolts of an Engaging Website

Mobile Responsiveness
Visit your organizations website on your phone. How does it look? Is it easy to read and access all the pages? Are you “pinching and zooming” just to see your page’s content? If so, your website is most likely not “mobile responsive”. A responsive website means no matter which device or screen size your website is displayed on, the formatting will automatically adjust correctly, and the site will remain easy to navigate. Mobile responsiveness is critical to maintaining healthy SEO and improved user experience.

Page Loading Speed
Google now considers page loading speed as part of their SEO criteria. When it comes to browsing online, a person’s attention span is only a little more focused than a gold fish. If your pages are taking more than 10 seconds to load, you’re missing valuable opportunities to engage your audience.

Does it all work?
Gone are the days of Adobe Flash! Ensure that all pictures and videos on your page load correctly and can be played. Does your website fill the screen? Is the layout clean and uncluttered? Nothing says “blah” like a giant grey box where a photo should be.  If you have giant grey boxes, call your local web development expert ASAP.

So, you have a functioning website. What good is it?

A dynamic, contemporary website is critical for non-profits to go from merely existing to making a measurable impact.

Amplify your message
If no one knows that you exist, you can’t expect to receive donations and fulfil your mission. Use your website as a tool to create a strong online presence. Prioritize practicing healthy SEO efforts, so people searching for ways to help their community find and support you.

Donor Engagement
Engaging donors is HUGE for non-profits. When donors invest in supporting you, they want to know that their money is being used to further your mission. Use your website to communicate your non-profit’s mission and values. Share stories, data, and media on your website to stakeholders and donors are updated so they remain invested in your mission.

Building New Support
The quest for more funding never ends! A dynamic website that leverages people’s desire to be involved with something that reflects their values and has impact will increase your support base. True – money makes the world go ‘round, but non-profit leaders know that the value of a committed volunteer is worth their weight in gold.

Create a base of monthly donations
Your website gives you the opportunity to tell your organization’s story in a visual, contextual, and emotional way – helping win the hearts and minds of potential donors and supporters. You can also explain the impact of each dollar donated and where exactly that money goes. The more transparent your organization is, and the more credibility and excitement you can inspire – the more money you will raise!

The goal of all of your digital marketing efforts are to drive traffic to your website Leverage a variety of platforms and publishing outlets to drive traffic to your website. Post content on social media with strong calls to action and use your blog to publish success stories people want to know about.

Make sure your website is functional, mobile responsive, is easy to navigate, and is utilized to serve your mission’s goals – and watch donations roll in!

* https://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/how-much-time-do-people-spend-social-media-infographic
** https://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheet/mobile/